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I love our house, but if there’s one thing I don’t like about the place is that it has more than its fair share of spiders. As you know, I do not like spiders. In fact, I hate spiders so much that when I find one inside I often say that I’m going to burn the house down. The thing is, burning down the house to kill a spider isn’t really practical on account of our family needing a place to live and stuff. So instead of torching the place, I’ve tried my best to deal with spiders I find here in less extreme ways.

The first way I tried to deal with spiders was to pretend like I wasn’t scared/grossed out whenever I came across a spider. One of my biggest motivations for doing this was to set a good example for Annabel so that she wouldn’t be scared of the creepy crawlers like I am (and so she would kill them for me). And while I did manage not to scream at every spider I came across, I’m not sure how successful I was because Annabel ended up pretty much as arachnophobic as I am.

When I’m home alone, I deal with the spiders I come across by using my vacuum cleaner hose, but it isn’t perfect because I have to get too close to the spiders. I define anything within 20 feet as “too close.” Plus I once read an article about a spider laying eggs inside of a vacuum and I’ve never been the same.

Of course, when Mike is home I make him kill the spiders. Annabel does too. Annabel even makes Mike show her the dead spider, which…no thanks. But I’m determined to not let James become afraid of spiders, so every time Mike goes after a spider, I make sure he takes James with him. Do I worry about the spiders viciously attacking my baby? I try not to think about it.

spider killers

Annabel and I supervise from a safe distance:

supervising away from spiders

As helpful as Mike, James, and my vacuum cleaner have been, the one thing that’s made a huge difference in spider invasions is using Ortho Home Defense MAX. Since we (and by we I of course mean Mike) started spraying it around the perimeter of our house, I’ve noticed a HUGE decrease in the amount of bugs and spiders that make it inside.

getting rid of spiders

It’s incredibly easy to use, just attach the hose and squirt away. So easy in fact that I might consider using it myself next time. This is obviously a very good thing because, all joking aside, I really would hate to have to burn this house down.

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