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Annie has been slowly recovering from her cold bug, but she’s been going stir crazy in the house. I busted out our latest Babbabox and there were a couple perfect activities that she could enjoy without getting too worked up (her cough is a force right now). The thing I love the most about Babbaboxes is how every activity is bundled together separately.

activities packaged and ready to go

I also like that each month there’s a sheet of paper that says what activities are included AND how long each one will take. Perfect for when we really only have time to do one thing.

this month's activities

First Annie and I played a matching game. I liked that we added the stickers to the match discs ourselves, as it gave me a chance to review shapes and colors with Annie.

making the memory game

making the memory game

We started playing the matching game, and I really didn’t expect her to get it. I figured we’d just continue it as a shapes/colors exercise…

playing memory

…but she totally got it.

omg! I made a match!

And she was SO proud of herself.


That is the greatest picture of her I’ve ever taken.

Once the excitement of Annie’s matching victory wore off, we chilled on the couch with a good book.

the berenstain bears

Annie likes to “read” them to me.

reading the berenstain bears

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