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Technology has been so important in my parenting. I love that I can email my doctor in the middle of the night. I love that I can get recommendations on things like rashes by doing a quick google search. But mostly, I love that it allows my other mom-friends to be actively in my life.

The support of my mom friends has been invaluable. Besides my dear local friends, I’ve joined many different online support groups for pregnancies, prematurity, etc, and I’ve made lifelong friendships. The problem with online friendships is we are often spread throughout the country, making in-person get-togethers a near impossibility. That’s hard, because we want to spend time with each other, and since our kids are the same age, we want them to play together.

To get around the miles between us, some of us have started having what we call, “21st Century Playdates.” We grab our computers and our kids and have a Google Hangout/Skype Video chat. The kids are totally mesmerized at first:

21st century play date

But eventually, they start playing with toys, babbling at each other, snacking, and doing normal kid things. On our last playdate, one kid would bring a toy to the camera, and then the other kids would grab similar toys. We all seem to have an Olaf toy in our house!

As the kids play, we moms are able to get some chatting in, but we also get the added bonus of seeing our friends’ kids in action in a way that texted still photos just can’t cut.

21st Century Playdate

And while it will never beat being able to hug each other in person, this is a great solution for us!

This is my final post and giveaway for Tommee Tippee! I’ve really enjoyed being able to give product out to so many of you! For this last giveaway, we decided to do a big Grand Prize Pack that will be tailored to the winner’s child. So if you have a baby, Tommee Tippee will send bottles, soothers, etc.

TT Soother

If you have a toddler, bibs and other feeding products!


To enter, just leave a comment telling me how you manage to get time with your friends near and far! Winner will be chosen by Contest open to entries from the US and Canada. Contest closes on Wednesday, Feb. 4 at noon.

Good luck!!


We have a winner!

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 9.34.42 AM

Congrats to Rach! Look for an email from me!

Thanks to everyone who entered!