For the last two weeks Annie has been going to introductory swim lessons and she has LOVED it! Each day she wakes up asking about “pool lessons,” and when it comes time to get ready she waits patiently as we slather her in sunscreen and pull on her “baby suit” (that’s Annie speak for bathing suit).

It has been so wonderful to see her take to the classes so well, especially when many of the other toddlers cry before, during, and after the lessons. Annie showed interest in swimming before, but this class has really shot her interest level through the roof. We have a water baby, for sure.

Today was Annie’s last class, so we took some video to remember it by. I’m worried about tomorrow – Annie’s going to wake up asking about her pool lessons (and the teenage instructor whom she adores), and we’re going to have to explain that the classes are over!

She will be old enough to start the next level of lessons July 23rd. It’s going to be a long four weeks.