Unfortunately nothing good to report. Alaska Airlines has been very helpful and is looking everywhere for the computer, but they have not yet found it. Heather will be back late tomorrow and will be able to use my computer to fill you in on things. We both want to thank you for your support.

– Mike

Recently Heather was asked to take part in an event put on by Coca-Cola in Washington D.C., and I immediately told her she absolutely had to do it. I would like to think I told her to do it because the event is for a great cause – to support America’s National Park’s in their efforts to link outdoor recreation, education and awareness to the physical and mental well being of Americans – but it might have had more to do with the fact I am the world’s Champion Diet Coke drinker. There’s photographic evidence:


Heather, motivated by more noble reasons than me, agreed to take part, so she, Annie, and Grandma Linda flew out to Washington D.C. on Alaskan Airlines Wednesday morning. Heather sent me lots of texts so I didn’t worry too much, and she even sent me this adorable photo of a very patient Annabel:


Unfortunately, the flight didn’t end happily, and not because she was stuck next to a passenger without a sense of personal space.  Once the flight landed Heather waited until everyone had de-planed (so as not to hold people up with the production that is traveling with a baby), then gathered her things and left with Annie and her Mom.  Upon getting to the hotel, however, she realized that she had left on the plane – of all things – her computer.

Heather immediately called the airport and spoke with an employee of Alaskan Airlines who said that the plane had been taken down to be cleaned by the cleaning crew, but that he would see if they found it and call back. Heather told him her seat number and exactly where the computer was (on the floor under her seat), then waited a very anxious hour until the employee called back and said….they couldn’t find it. Heather told him it had to be there as she was the last one off, so the employee asked the leader of the cleaning crew over the walkie-talkie if he was sure they didn’t find it. The leader of the cleaning crew (Heather could hear all of this over the phone) said that they only checked the seat pockets, and not on the floor as Heather had told them.

The Alaskan Airlines employee then told Heather he would have the morning crew check. That’s where we are now. Hopefully it’s there to be found, but it is an expensive item, and expensive items sometimes get taken when left behind.

I really hope the computer is there. Heather was really shook up…it has lots of priceless photos and videos of our Maddie on there.  If those are gone that is going to hurt beyond words.

Fingers crossed. Oh, and if you know anyone who will be cleaning the Alaskan Airlines Flight #6 out of Los Angeles in Washington D.C. tomorrow morning…give them a holler for Heather.  She needs it right now.

Heather feels stupid for having left the computer and knows she is supposed to be responsible for looking after her own stuff, but it still stinks. Feel free to leave a funny story about the time you did something stupid to help cheer up.

I’ll let you know what happens with all of this.