From time to time – on blogs, talk shows, and in real life – I have heard women say that they think Dads are hot. As a Dad myself, I must say I find this both amusing and highly dubious. In order to get to the bottom of this “hot dad” phenomenon, I decided to write a post examining just what makes us Dads so darn hot.

Proceed with caution, ladies! Hot Dad talk lies ahead!

So what is it that makes us Dads hot? Could it be:

The fifteen sympathy pounds we gained with each of our wife’s pregnancies?

The fact that we now go to Gymboree more often than the gym?

That our once encyclopedic knowledge of worldwide cinema and music history has been replaced by Pixar movies and Yo Gabba Gabba songs?

Our loss of dignity?

I am wearing a baby saddle. In. Public.

And respect?

attacking the giant
I don’t even know who these kids are.

Our wardrobe of clothes that is forever locked back in the year we first became a Dad?

The faded spit-up and baby poop stains on our before-mentioned out of date clothing?

Our receding hairline? (This one effects all men… it just seems to happen a HECKUVA lot faster once you become a Dad)

How we are obsessed with making sure that lights aren’t left on in rooms we’re not in?

And our tendency to say things like, “Money doesn’t grow on trees, you know!”

How we now fall asleep well before ten at night on the couch?

And in public places?

daddies are good stools

Quite often?

sleeping in flight


After reading this post I’m sure no women will ever think Dads are hot ever, ever again.

Lucky for me Heather still has a warm spot in her heart for this here Dad!

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