Annie has wanted to see Frozen ever since she saw a preview for it last summer focusing on Olaf, the movie’s lovable snowman. Later, when she found out Olaf was actually just a sidekick and the heroes were – wait for it – princesses, she was even more excited. Of course, she wasn’t very happy when I told her the movie wouldn’t be out for months, and after that she pretty much asked me every morning, “Does Frozen come out today?” Well, Frozen finally came out a week or so ago, and I surprised Annie last weekend by saying, “Guess what, Annie? Frozen is out and we’re going today!”

If you’re reading this you probably already have an idea of what the movie is about, but in a nutshell it’s the story of two sister princesses, one of whom is cursed with the power to make things freeze. After grabbing our popcorn and lemonade (which has quickly become tradition on our daddy/daughter movie dates), we settled into our seats as the lights turned down.

The opening scene featured a bunch of men in a snow storm cutting huge blocks of ice, and I had to laugh when Annie leaned over and asked, “Why is this movie called Frozen?” Yup, Annie is a California girl, alright. In fact, she kept asking why the movie was called Frozen for the first half hour or so even though things were freezing left and right. Eventually, though, she figured it out. (Yes, I realize I need to take her on a trip somewhere snowy, stat.)

So did the movie live up to Annie’s expectations? Or did it, ahem, leave her cold? Well, the answer came about half way through the movie when she asked, “Can we get this movie for our TV at home?” That, FYI, is her highest form of praise for a movie, and I’m not surprised because Frozen really was right up her alley – there were lots of jokes, a slew of catchy songs, and princesses (her three favorite things, basically). The filmmakers also were involved in making Tangled, one of Annie’s favorite movies, and if you have a kid who liked that one they’ll probably like this one too.

I also had a great time at the movie. While I love taking Annie to the movies, I don’t always love the movies we see, but this one was a cut above, say Freebirds, Smurfs 2, or Escape From Planet Earth, in terms of the animation, script, music, you name it. And Olaf the snowman? He’s pretty much up there with my favorite animated characters of all-time.

One thing to mention before you take your kids… about ten minutes into the movie (minor spoiler) the princesses’ parents are lost at sea. Annie turned to me and said, “Did they die?” I stammered a bit before replying, “Uh… yeah.” Annie didn’t seem too fazed and went back to munching on her popcorn, but I could see how that plot point might upset some kids.

Before I sign off I’m going to leave this right here:

Yup, that’s Annie meeting the movie’s “Anna” at Disneyland. Look at that happy kid smile!