Maddie has two birthdays. This, as you can imagine, complicates things considerably.

Maddie’s first birthday is the one that correlates to the day she was actually born…November 11th, 2007. Her second birthday relates to her “adjusted age,” and recognizes the date Maddie would have been born had everything gone according to plan and we didn’t have to deal with all of the prematurity madness. This second birthday (January 28th, 2008) is the one to look at as far as her development goes because she looks a lot more like a baby born this January than one born last year. Of course the truth is she looks small no matter which birthday you look at!

Anyhoo…I bring all this up because earlier this week Maddie turned six months old based on her “adjusted age.” This may not seem all that impressive to some folks, but the parents out in cyberspace know it’s a big deal, especially when one considers all that Maddie has gone through in her short life.

So, in honor of the World Famous Maddie Moo’s six month birthday (adjusted), I thought I’d post a few of my favorite photos of her to share with you all!

PHOTO #1: Maddie a few minutes after she was born (and not looking a thing like she does now!)

PHOTO #2: A few days after we brought her home!!!

PHOTO #3: Maddie doing her best sultry stare…look out boy babies!!! FYI…this photo was taken on January 28th…Maddie’s adjusted birthday!!!!

PHOTO #4: At her first baseball game!!!

PHOTO #5: Maddie rockin’ the piano like Billy Joel!

Piano baby!

PHOTO #6: Maddie last night!!!