To say this week is crappy would be an understatement. My yearning for Madeline and Rigby is almost overwhelming. I’d forgotten how exhausting grief is, how it sucks your energy and fogs your mind. My body has given in and I’m sick with a high fever. As weird as it sounds, I’m almost grateful for another reason to feel poorly…something I can attack with antibiotics and NyQuil and sleep.

I’m too tired to fully wrap my mind around the weight of today, seven years since Madeline died. It’s probably better that way. I keep thinking about Maddie and Rigby, and how they were best buddies when Maddie was alive.

Merry Christmas from Maddie & Rigby!

Reaching some sort of an agreement.

Mike's Girls

giving rigby puffs

That's my dog!

Rigby is curious

snuggle friends

Rigby and Maddie

Rigby and Maddie snuggling

I know that I will make it through this day, but without Rigby it’s going to be one of the hardest ones yet. I miss Maddie more than I can express. I can’t believe it’s been seven years since I last kissed my girl. I love her so much.