On a cool Saturday, we gathered.

Some of us marched in decorated rides,

marching for Maddie

and some of us marched the old fashioned way.

When we finished, we were proud.


We were surrounded by our friends, but most importantly, we were surrounded by her friends:

his curls are awesome

Austin looking at his friend Maddie


And soon, a new friend:

Jenna inside

But most importantly, Annie was there, feeling the love for her sister.

Annie with her sister's Abby Cadabby

Someday, Annie will know how much her sister means to so many people. Someday, she will know how much she herself means to everyone. She is a preemie too, but because of the March of Dimes, she is a preemie in name only. She is thriving. Every baby should get the chance to thrive.

Thank you to everyone who marched with us. Thank you to everyone who marched (and will be marching) elsewhere. To all who donated, you are heroes. The words to thank everyone adequately haven’t been invented.

Someday, I hope that no little girls will have to grow up without their big sisters.

Annie and Maddie

thank you to my wonderful friends Dana and Megan for the photos

If your team raised money in Maddie’s name, please leave your team name & total in the comments!