Madeline and I never had that tight of a schedule – we were usually out and about doing things, you know, lunching and dodging her paparazzi – but we always had to be home by 4 pm for our standing appointment to watch Ellen.

When she heard the theme music, “Have a little fun today-ay, yeah yeah yeah!” she would stop what she was doing, hurry toward the TV, and start dancing. When Ellen appeared on the screen, she’d look back at me and smile as if to say, “Look mom! It’s Ellen! Yeah!” She loved her some Ellen…

Maddie and Ellen

laughing at Ellen

I would secretly hope that Maddie and I would someday go to the show and dance with Ellen. But alas.

Thanks to a friend who works for Warner Brothers, I was able to see a taping of the show yesterday (which airs today, set your DVRs!!!) with my friends Jen and Greis.

photo 1.JPG

You guys, we got to sit in the FRONT ROW! Two rows in front of Ellen’s mama! The audience enters the studio about 30-45 minutes before the show starts, and you spend the entire time DANCING. We were sweaty messes by the time the show started.

We saw Orlando Bloom (very handsome) and Josh Groban (handsome voice). Ellen was, of course, hilarious. She also surprised an audience member with some very cool stuff (not us, this woman had a very moving story).

I loved being at the show with my friends, but I thought about Maddie the whole time. I wish things were different, and that I could watch the show with her today, look for my face on TV, and, of course, dance along to the music.

photo 2.JPG

Today, I will watch the show and dance with Annie, and tell her as she giggles and claps, how her sister loved to do this, too.