Today, the best thing happened. I was allowed to shower. I knew that a shower was going to make me feel good, but I didn’t realize what a total mood elevator it would be!!! I feel like a new person…and I smell like one, too. Happiness is a warm shower.

My day started with the typical visit from the nurse to check my vital statistics – temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, and contractions. I’m on a contraction monitor a few hours a day just to be certain I’m not having them without knowing it. Then the nurse checked the baby’s heart rate and gave me my medicine, and it was a pill instead of a bag of fluid. I was almost afraid to ask, but the nurse knew what I was going to ask anyway, and confirmed that yes, I was off IV fluids and antibiotics, and as soon as my doctor said it was okay, my IV would be removed. YAY!!! The rest of the morning I anxiously waited for my doc to swing by. When she did, she said that the IV could be removed as long as they left in the port. So, basically, I am no longer attached to the IVs, but there is still an access line to my veins should they need it. However, I should be getting that removed in a few days as well. With the IV lines removed, I could finally shower.

Mike and I also met with a Neonatologist (a pediatrician for preemies), who went over different scenarios with us. She was great, she let us know what to expect and she told me that I have to stay pregnant for at least three more weeks. I like goals!! Of course, if I am still pregnant in three weeks, I’m sure she’ll come back and tell me “three more weeks!” My OB swung back around at lunch to check my amniotic fluid level (still at about 4), and then a physical therapist came by to give me some simple exercises I can do in my bed to help prevent blood clots and total muscle atrophy. It felt good to stretch my sore, tired muscles, and I was relieved to know that it was actually OKAY to stretch my sore, tired muscles! I’ve been so afraid to do anything.

Brianne came by to visit me again and brought some pretty flowers and yummy chocolate. She got to sit through some of my doctor meetings, which I’m sure were quite thrilling for her!!! Christy came by after dinner with more pretty flowers, my room is a regular flower shop! I’ll post my flower pictures tomorrow. I also got many more phone calls, which cheer me up so much – it’s like everyone knows when I start to feel a bit down. In all, it was a good day, all the nurses and doctors seem to be impressed with how Madeline is responding to everything. She has a strong heartbeat, keeps growing, and is kicking around all the time. Maybe the medical staff is putting on a brave face for me, although I don’t get that impression. I am encouraged by the way the baby and I keep on surprising everyone.

Breakfast: Raisin Bran, Sausage Egg Sandwich, Decaf Coffee, Orange Juice
Lunch: No lunch (felt nauseous from my antibiotics switch)
Dinner: Chicken Noodle Soup, Pot Roast, mashed potatoes, gravy, chocolate mousse
Belgian chocolate from Brianne