Another day down!!! Mike stayed over in my room last night, and then hit the road around 11. My mom and Aunt Lynn arrived around noon bearing lots of baked goods for my nurses – gotta get in good with the people that run this place!!! I also have lots of Halloween decorations now so I’m ready for tomorrow. My mom and aunt hung out with me all day. They gave me a manicure and rubbed my feet, and helped take my mind off it all. My OB stopped by and authorized the removal of my IV port, which was a big relief. I sit here watching all the news about the staph infections in hospitals, so I didn’t exactly want this open access to my blood stream if it wasn’t necessary anymore!!! My OB also approved daily showers, which was obviously a huge deal for me and anyone who has to get close to me. Dana, Matt, and Leslie also came by bearing gifts. Dana brought me yummy cupcakes from Dots, while Matt and Leslie brought a balloon and a mini pumpkin. My hospital room is just full of goodies.

My nurses have been in and out for the last hour. The baby’s heart beat has been all over the place, so they keep having me change positions to make sure her cord isn’t being leaned on. I have a feeling it’s going to be a long night.

Breakfast: Raisin Bran, Sausage Egg Sandwich, Decaf Coffee, Orange Juice
Lunch: Turkey, stuffing, gravy, bread roll, iced tea, oatmeal cookies
Dinner: Lasagna, herb bread stick, iced tea, orange sherbert
OUTSIDE FOODHalloween candy, Violet Crumble from my Aunt Lynn, Dots Cupcakes from Dana