About a week or so ago I started noticing that I was having contractions. Nothing regular, maybe five a day? And they were so minor that at first I was like, “Is that a contraction, or is it the baby moving?” I started to pay more attention to my belly, and noted that sometimes I only felt three a day, and other days I felt as many as ten. When I was in for my regular appointment last Wednesday, I mentioned it to Dr. Risky’s nurse (Dr. Risky was in a C-Section). She told me when I should go in to Labor & Delivery and that she’d mention it to the doctor.

As the days passed I felt a few more contractions each day, but never anything close to five in one hour (when I was supposed to call). On Friday night, I had a couple contractions that hurt. Nothing bad, but they made me pause. And then yesterday, I had more contractions but I also had a general sensitivity/crampiness. Sort of that “about to get your period” feeling of cramps and tenderness. And, I don’t know…I just felt uneasy, like something wasn’t right. So I called Labor & Delivery, and after hearing my symptoms and history, they told me to come in.

As my mom drove me down to the hospital (I wanted Mike to stay back to give Annie her usual dinner/bedtime routine), I remembered that I had been put on anti-contraction meds with Annie, but I couldn’t remember at what point in her gestation. So I read back through my old blog posts via my phone, and I discovered that I’d started the meds with Annie at 21 weeks, and I am 20+ weeks right now. Reading that made me feel better about going to L&D – like I wasn’t imagining things, that maybe this was just my body’s baseline. Which would suck, but also makes me feel all the more secure in the decision that I will never ever be pregnant again ever.

We live about 35 miles from the hospital. If you know the Greater LA area, you know that 35 miles means it sometimes takes you 35 minutes to get there, and sometimes it takes you two hours. Luckily it was a lightly trafficked Sunday evening, so we were at the hospital quickly and I was immediately taken to a room to be monitored.

hospital beds for preggos
The pregnant diagram always cracks me up for some reason.

All the nurses and residents were great. I gave them my medical history and explained what I was feeling. They took swabs for tests, checked my cervix, and gave me ultrasounds (both kinds). My cervix looked long, and The Acrobat was as twisty and wiggly as usual. All good news. And, after a few hours of monitoring me, the residents (after consulting with Dr. Risky by phone) sent me home.

I’m definitely relieved that these contractions aren’t doing anything to my cervix, and that The Acrobat looked great. I wish I knew why my abdomen feels so tender, and why I am still having contractions. Dr. Risky is much more relaxed with this pregnancy, so I will do my best to follow her lead. She’s the expert! But…I can’t shake the nagging feeling that something is going on in there. When I started to feel frustrated my mom reminded me that I have no idea what is “normal” and I have lots of reasons to call in with concerns. So I will keep that in mind and do my best to be chill and relaxed like Dr. Risky.