Adobe Photoshop PDF

After I posted about the letter I left Annabel from the Tooth Fairy, a bunch of you emailed me to ask about the letterhead. I wanted to put it here in case any of you wanted to use it!

I made it in three colors: pink, green, and blue. All you have to do is download it and you’re good!

tooth fairy letter

I suggest simply printing it and writing a note by hand – keep it simple (you know, as simple as a letter from the tooth fairy is, haha). But if your kid is like mine, she knows your handwriting, so in that case just load the letterhead into your word processing software and type away.

Adobe Photoshop PDF

Annabel has another tooth hanging by a thread, plus her two front teeth are both loose. I’ll be using these letters a lot in the next month (and this time, I’m prepared with an envelope of small bills that I’ve stashed away)!

If you have any problems or questions, let me now. Have fun!