Hair Dos and How Tos

DIY 5-Minute Moisture-Wicking Headband

I love moisture-wicking headbands (headbands made of special material that pulls the moisture away from your body). They’re great for exercise, bad hair days, or for keeping cool in the summer.¬†However, I have two BIG problems with them. The first is that they’re ridiculously expensive – at least $10, but usually much more. The second…

An a-MAZE-ing Birthday Printable

For Annabel’s birthday, she isn’t allowed to bring in candy or cupcakes for her classmates. We’re used to this by now (and frankly, I prefer not dealing with food), so we came up with a toy idea that we knew the kids would enjoy. I made a printable for it, and I thought I’d share…

Birthday Advent Calendar

I knew as soon as Christmas ended, Annabel would start asking me, “How many days until my birthday?” This year, I was ready for her. I put together an advent calendar to help her countdown the days until her birthday (and we’ll use it for James in May!), plus each number is a little pocket…

My Favorite DIYs of 2015

I took a break from DIY posts this month – December is so crazy, and I wanted to cut myself some slack. I did still use the little free time I had to make some presents for my friends, and it reminded me how much I like to create things. I looked back at the…

DIY Christmas Light Crown

I thought it would be fun to make my little dress-up queen a Christmas-inspired headpiece. I had some plastic lights that didn’t work, so they became my inspiration.

Easy Clothespin Turkeys

I just wanted to make something easy and fun this week, something I could construct while I listened to Spotify and turned off my brain. You probably know that November isn’t my favorite month of the year, and my head is on cruise control until we pass Madeline’s birthday on the 11th. Still, I find…

DIY Spider Hair

Annabel toyed with the idea of being a spider queen for Halloween before she eventually settled on something else. It did get my wheels turning, though, and I still wanted to try the idea I came up with for her hair. She was down with being the spider queen for the afternoon!

DIY Pumpkin String Art

Annabel has been begging to carve pumpkins since the day I pulled out our Halloween decorations. I thought doing some string art on fake pumpkins might hold her over until it’s a little closer to pumpkin-carving time – plus decorating fake pumpkins lasts a lot longer!

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