no-candy valentine printable

Whenever Valentine’s Day is approaching I start checking the dollar aisle at my local Target. Annabel’s school requests the parents not bring in candy treats, so I always try to find the cute little toys before they all get snatched up. This year I found these cute stretchy hearts with arms that came six to a package. That meant I only needed to spend $3 to get enough for her whole class. Score! I asked my designer pal Jen to make me a cute printable, and we thought we’d share it here for anyone who might want to use it!

No-candy valentine printable
“I Like You This Much” Printable (download here)
Toy with arms
Hole punch/x acto knife

Don’t worry if you can’t find a toy with stretchy arms – you can really use any little toy with arms that open wide.

No-candy valentine printable

I secured the hearts onto the paper by punching holes near the “wrists” of the toy, then looping string through the holes, around the arms of the toy, and tying in a knot on the back of the card. In lieu of string, twist ties would also work well.

No-candy valentine printable

That’s it! So simple. Annabel will sign her name on these, but they are otherwise good to go. One less thing to worry about next month!

Any questions, let me know. Have fun!