Annabel and I have been searching through the Dollar Spot at Target ever since the Valentine’s Day stuff was put out (you know, the day after Christmas). She found some little toy frogs and went crazy for them, “Mom, we HAVE to give these to my friends!” I bought enough for her class, and then just this morning I found out that she also has to bring enough valentines for ALL OF THE OTHER KINDERGARTENERS…46 in all. So I’ll be running back to Target later, although a quick search on Amazon just found these incredibly cheap plastic jumping frogs. Either way, I’m set, and you are, too, if you want to use the printable I made!

To make the valentines, print out the Hoppy Valentine’s Day Template onto heavy card stock. There are four valentines per page.


After you cut the cards out, secure the frogs using double-sided tape.

Hoppy Valentine's Day Printable

That’s it! It’s really ridiculously easy. Annabel still needs to sign these, but they’re otherwise done and ready to go!

If you have any questions, let me know! Happy Valentine’s Day!