When I was getting married, I went in for a hair “trial” by the company that I ended up hiring to style my hair and the hair of my mom and bridesmaids. We tested a few different styles with mixed results, and then she suggested some clip-in hair extensions. I didn’t want the length, but she showed me how extensions weren’t just about length – they were also great for adding volume. I was hooked:

First Dance
photo by Next Exit Photography

photo by Next Exit Photography

If you have a good set of extensions, you can style them with the rest of your hair. That means washing, heat-styling, etc. I wore my blond extensions several times post-wedding. To wear clip-in extensions, just section and lift a portion of your hair perpendicular to your shoulders, clip in at the part, then let your hair lay normally on top.

In Front of Doyle's

Me and Mike

I apparently wore my red eye, too.

A few months ago I was a hair model for Secret Extensions. They go on like a headband, which is even easier than clips. It was fun to see what my hair would look like if I never cut it!


The color matches perfectly, that’s just a reflection of light from the window.

Annie was there and said I looked like Ariel. I took that as a major compliment.

These extensions obviously add length, but I really (again) love extensions for volume. I use them to bulk up braids:

secret braid!

Hanging out by the changing table, as one does.

You can even get clip-in bangs to change up your look without scissors:

Not real

Annie likes to get in on it, too!

Annie, with bangs

Annie, w/bangs

If you have extensions, here are a few tips:

~Consider bringing them to your stylist, so she can trim them to better blend with your hair.
~Extensions can and should be washed and brushed regularly. Use a mild shampoo, air-dry, and never brush when wet.
~If you heat-style your extensions, make sure the temp doesn’t exceed 300 Degrees F/149 Degrees C. MAKE SURE YOUR EXTENSIONS CAN BE HEAT STYLED BEFORE YOU ATTEMPT IT. You don’t want to find out the hard way – trust me!

Extensions are fun, so enjoy them!

disclaimer: I got to keep the Secret Extensions I wore, but was under no obligation to write about them.