Becoming Joy from Inside Out

After putting together Annabel’s Wyldstyle costume for Halloween, she has been begging me to help turn her into other characters. She usually asks for something really hard to pull off, so when she asked if I could turn her into Joy from Inside Out I said yes because it was by far the easiest request she’d made.

To transform her into Joy, I used:

A yellow shirt
Yellow body paint
Yellow eyeshadow
Blue eyeshadow
Body glitter
Blue eyelashes
Eyelash glue
Blonde Tinkerbell wig
Blue spray-on hair color (don’t let the party store convince you turquoise is close enough. It’s not.)

Here’s a quick video of the transformation, with my steps below:

~I started by putting coverup on the places makeup is more likely to run – on the eyelids and under the eyes.

~Next, I spread the yellow body paint all over her face. I applied two layers to make sure the color was dark enough.

~I added different shades of yellow eyeshadow to her eyes to add depth (I write that like I know what that means)

~I then used some of that yellow eyeshadow on her nose, chin, lips, and cheeks to make her skin sparkle like Joy’s.

~I used blue eyeshadow to color in her eyebrows, and put a little bit on her eyelids as well.

~I trimmed the blue eyelashes to fit her eyes, then glued them to her eyelids (they came with a sticky-back, but it wasn’t strong enough).

~I used a makeup brush to put body glitter on her face and arms to add to the sparkle.

~To make the wig, I bought a Tinkerbell wig and colored it with spray-on hair color. The party store I went to was out of dark blue, but they were out. “This is blue!” said a woman at the party store, holding up a turquoise bottle. “Let’s get it, Mom!” said Annabel. So I did. I am not happy with it, but Annabel is and that’s what matters.


She now wants me to try to make her into Sadness and Disgust…I should have seen that coming.

I wish I’d taken a picture of James’ face when he saw her! He was like, “…Annie?”

If you have questions, let me know. Have fun!