Today is my birthday and as many of you know, I’m also a twin, which means today is also my brother Kyle’s birthday! When we were kids we had joint birthday parties until we were about seven or eight. After that, as our friend groups changed, my parents gave us each the option to have a party at the house, or have an outing with a smaller group. My brother always chose a small group, and they’d go to mini-golf or the movies. I, of course, invited over every girl I’d ever met for a swim and sleepover party.

It was awesome of my parents to throw two different celebrations, but as my mom said, that’s what they would have done if we’d been born on different days. I really appreciated that they never forced us to have our parties together, even when we were small – it was always what we wanted. I think that’s why, in high school, we started having our birthday parties together again. Celebrating together was special, and because we’d always been treated like individuals, we were never resentful over having to share.


There are definitely things you should do to make your twins feel special at a joint party. If they’re old enough to express theme desires, do what you can to make it work – even if they have two different requests. You can always make suggestions (the amazing Jen and I put together four boy/girl themes below), but if one of them wants Hello Kitty and one of them wants Army Men, make it work. I’d also suggest having two cakes (or special cupcakes!) and singing the Happy Birthday song to each child – it’s nice to get that solo moment in the spotlight.

So, like I mentioned above, the fabulous Jen and I came up with four ideas for boy/girl parties in honor of my birthday. The challenge with parties for young girl/boy twins is finding a theme that will appeal to…boys and girls. Obvious, but easier said than done! Jen and I went with ideas that leave room for the kids to pick what appeals to them regardless of gender. Girls can be pirates, boys can be royalty, etc. Annie would absolutely figure out a way to be a mermaid pirate!


Pillage ye party, matey!

1. Make your own treasure chests!  You can get unfinished chests at your local craft store or online.
2. I love that you can put the faces of the birthday kids on this invitation to make it more personal.
3. These cupcakes are so adorable.
4. Create a treasure map/scavenger hunt and hide the “loot” around the house, or outside in the yard. Keep the loot simple – think Dollar Store!
5. This watermelon fruit boat is amazing!


The Mickey and Minnie Mouse theme is perfect for very small kids. 

1. A simple yet striking invitation for your twin mice.
2. I’m pretty sure even I could swing these Oreo “Lollipops.”
3. Mickey and Minnie cupcakes look easy (and good enough to eat rightnowomg).
4. While this cake is very fancy, you could easily recreate this with different frosting colors and some Mickey & Minnie figurines on top.
5. & 6. Pin the bow on Minnie and pin the button on Mickey! These would be very easy to make yourself.
7. Adorable pink and blue Mickey and Minnie mouse-ear garland.
8. This fabric banner is so cute, and it could be hung up in a child’s room after the party.


A Knights and Royalty party for your Sirs and Ladies.

1. I need to make this AMAZING cake immediately.
2. Shields and crowns make excellent cupcake toppers.
3. This invitation is framable.
4. Make “stocks” and throw wet sponges at all who deserve to be punished.
5. Cute DIY swords and wands.
6. You obviously have to make thrones for your birthday royalty to sit in!


Yee haw cow folks, giddy up into the Wild West.

1. Cowboys and Cowgirls together on one adorable invitation.
2. These cupcakes are perfection, and so easy to make with frosting, sprinkles, and a tube of horses.
3. I always love a photobooth! These photo props are available for instant download, and you can make a Wanted background by hanging a tan sheet and paining on the “Wanted” lettering yourself.
4. Lasso a horse! How fun is that! Wrap a hula hoop in rope to make it easier for the kids.
5. These hats and bandanas do double-duty as party decor and favors for your guests.

I’d love to hear some of your twin ideas!