I spent a lot of time thinking about ideas for James’ birthday party, and one theme I almost went with was Outer Space. I had tons of ideas saved, so I thought I’d put together some of my favorites for a Fiesta Friday post!

space party ideas

1. Rocket hot dogs are cute and delicious.
2. Space food is hilarious and could not be easier. Make sure you have lots of aluminum foil on-hand!
Other ideas: Cut up oranges can be “sun slices.” Use labels and food dye to turn regular punch into “Martian Milk,” or “Rocket Fuel,” or “Neptune’s Nectar.”

Treats & Dessert
3. Put out bowls of Astronaut ice cream and watch the kids be totally confused.
4. This moon cake is made of ice cream (she explains how she made it in the comments). Top with these cool astronauts!
Other ideas: Moon Pies are fun and retro. This Fifty Space Invaders ice cube tray makes cool ice and candy melts. Meteorite honeycomb candy looks awesome and is sooo delicious.

5. Pin the engine on the rocket! This etsy seller has some really cute instant downloads, including the game.
6. This planet toss game  would be easy to set up. Get eight sand pails (or nine, if you’re a Pluto enthusiast), label them with the planet names, and start tossing those bean bags.
Other ideas: Get an inflatable ball and some hula hoops and play “throw the rings on Saturn.” Paint rocks different colors, then hide them and have the kids search for “moon rocks.” Have a contest where kids draw the coolest aliens, or have them build rocket ships with PlayDoh. Use these Space Shuttle foam gliders and see whose rocket can fly the farthest.

7. You have to have a rocket ship! You can get some really cute pictures of the party guests on that bad boy.
8. This inflatable solar system even gives Pluto some love.
Other ideas: This solar system kit would be really fun to put together with the birthday kid. Make your own planets with paper lanterns. Put these aliens around the party because the truth is out there. Stick glow in the dark stars up on your walls, and hang paper stars from your ceiling.

9. You can’t go wrong with space crayons!
10. These paper rockets are so cute. Use cut paper towel rolls if you’re worried about hygiene.
Other ideas: If DIY isn’t your thing, these favor bags are adorable. Alien stamps! These planet sticker scenes would be a huge (literally) hit. Color your own space magnets. I’ve always thought pop rocks were out-of-this-world.

What other ideas do you have? Please share them, and leave party theme requests in the comments!