You’ve seen the results, but I wanted to share a few other details and ideas I had for Annabel’s My Little Pony Party. I had so much fun planning it with Annabel, and as parties go, it was a pretty easy one to throw!

My Little Pony Party Ideas


1. I picked up some MLP Wall Decals at my local Target, and they made great and very easy decorations

2. I found this map of Equestria and had fun making directional city signs. I love puns!

3. On the front doors, we hung the rainbow wreath I made a couple weeks ago, plus our traditional birthday balloon wreath decked out with MLP clip art.

4. We had a bunch of other fun things to help get everyone in a Pony frame of mind. We put up this scene setter, hanging swirls from the ceiling, and inflated this giant Pinkie Pie balloon.

5. You can’t go wrong with rainbows everywhere. Get crepe paper in rainbow colors and some white balloons, and DIY some rainbows and clouds. I put clouds and rainbows on our windows using window markers and snow spray. Just cut a cloud stencil into a piece of cardboard or craft foam, hold it up to a window, and fill in with snow spray. Then draw your rainbows below!


6. I still can’t stress enough how much every girl loved these DIY ponies. Again, definitely look for coupon codes or consider ordering in bulk. Then load up on acrylic paints, glitter, etc and get to designing a pony that’s 20% cooler.

7. We had pin the cutie mark on the pony, but the girls didn’t end up playing it. It made a cute decoration, though!

8. We  also had rainbow hair chalk, nail polish, and tattoos for any girl who wanted to take part!

9. You really can’t go wrong with a Pinkie Pie piñata stuffed with candy and tiny MLP items.


10. There are so many potential favors to choose from. You can give out actual My Little Pony figuresRubber bracelets, or puzzles – I actually bought a few of the puzzles at my local dollar store.

11. I like making things for kids, so giving them all wings, pony ears, unicorn horns was a no-brainer for me – but definitely not a small undertaking! I loved seeing all those unicorns, pegasi, and alicorns running around the party.

And everypony had a grand ol’ time!

If you have any ideas, leave ’em in the comments!