As you all know by now, I LOVE planning and throwing parties. Putting together all the little details is really fun for me, and I love figuring out ways to make Annie’s requests come to life. I wish I could have a party every month – Mike is such a kill joy! My friend Jen loves throwing parties as much as I do, and we’re always bouncing ideas off each other. She’s currently planning her son Chase’s Lego-themed fifth birthday party and the two of us have come up with a bunch of great things for it. His party is going to be seriously awesome.

I enjoyed planning with Jen so much that I thought it would be fun for us to regularly put together “party boards” with ideas for different themes. This way I get to help plan parties, but without any of the costs or house cleaning! Mike will be thrilled.

Of course, we had to start with Chase’s Lego party.


1. Lego Block Pizza – Such an easy and clever idea.
2. Lego Block Sandwiches – I’ve made these for Annie twice this week, and she flips for them!
Other ideas: Lego cheese

3. Lego Cups – All you need for these are yellow Solo cups and a black marker. You can even let the kids draw their own faces and have a contest to pick the best one.
4. Lego Lantern – I almost can’t handle how perfect these lanterns are.
Other ideas: Cover shoe boxes with construction paper, then paste circles on top to mimic Lego blocks; Use this Lego Storage Head to hold ice, popcorn, etc. These candles are a must for the birthday cake!

5. Lego Krispies – I love things that require little effort but yield maximum results.
Other ideas: Put these candy blocks in dishes throughout the party.

7. DIY Lego Cookie Bar – Who doesn’t love an activity where you get to eat the finished results?
8. Pin the Head on the Lego Man – This mom included a free template. YAY!
Other ideas: Building contests – Who can build a certain shape the fastest? Who can build the best house? 

9. Lego Crayons – You can use these rad Lego brick and Minifig molds to make your own crayons (or use candy melts to make a sweet treat). Print out some free coloring sheets from The Lego Movie and put them in the goody bags.
10. Lego Favor Bags – A cute bag to send home with your party guests – and so easy to make yourself.
Other ideas: Check eBay and Craig’s list for minifigs

Annie has been asking for a Lego party for her next birthday (you know, nine months from now). I hope that theme sticks!

If you have a party theme request, leave it in the comments. Yaaaaay parties!