Despite the fact that her brother’s birthday is less than a month away (OMG), Annie is already talking about her next birthday. Sometimes she tells me she’s having a Lego party, and other times it’s absolutely, positively going to be a Frozen Birthday Extravagaaaaaanza. I know a lot of you have kids who want to celebrate their birthdays with Anna, Elsa, Olaf, and the gang, so Jen and I put together another party board!


Food and Drink
~ Snowflake Cupcakes – Snowy cupcakes, YUM.
~ Blue “ice” Jell-O – I love things that are clever and easy like this!
~ Frozen Punch – You could also add a scoop of vanilla ice cream and call it a snowball.
Other ideas: Soup, Roast, and Ice Cream (what Anna wants to serve at her wedding!), snowcaps and blue & white M&Ms out in dishes, snow cones, ice cubes in snowflake, reindeer, and snowman shapes.

Party Wear
~ Anna and Elsa dresses – These handmade dresses are absolutely adorable, and a great alternative for the Disney-made versions that are getting harder and harder to find.
DIY Olaf Shirt – I am so tempted to make one of these for myself, just to wear to the grocery store.
Other ideas: Hair braiding station, reindeer antlers

Games and Favors
~ Snowball Toss – You can even get the kids involved in making the snowmen cups!
~ Olaf Bags – The googly eyes are the perfect touch.
~ Snowball PlayDoh – Stick this PlayDoh in small mason jars, add a little “thank you” tag and you’ve got an adorable, easy favor.
Other ideas: sugar cube ice castle building (use this recipe as “concrete”), indoor snowball fight, make paper snowflakes

Paper snowflakes – Paper snowflakes are easy, and look so pretty.
~ Coffee filter trees – They are simple but look amazing.
~ Marshmallow garland – I’d want to eat it!
Other ideas: White yarn pompoms, rock candy icicles

If you have a party theme request, leave it in the comments!