For James’ upcoming birthday on the 30th, Annabel wanted to write him a post. 

big little

When James turns three, I will be so excited but also a little bit mad at him. He promised me he would stay two!

James is an adorable two year old. He’s so cute when he repeats what I say, imitates what I do, and plays with me. He’s got such a cute smile and I love his freckles!

It’s really weird to think that soon, James will be starting preschool and sitting on the potty. That’s big kid stuff, you know? I remember when he was born. That was a great day. And now he’s this crazy little kid who runs around our house and jumps on people. I don’t like it when he jumps on me but it’s funny when he jumps on Daddy. He’s doing it right now!

I haven’t gone shopping yet for his birthday but I want to buy him race cars and a doctor’s kit. I think he’d like that, he uses mine a lot. I would get him play-doh but since he eats it it’s probably not a good idea. I really hope other people get him Legos so I can help him put them together, and also a car that you can drive. Since he’s not old enough to drive I can drive him around it in. I hope he doesn’t get much clothes because I can’t play with those.

On James’ birthday, I don’t have to go to school because it’s Memorial Day! So we’re going to take him to Chuck E. Cheese. He LOVES it there! I am going to make sure he gets some chocolate cake with ice cream. We both really love that! We are NOT going to have pie, I don’t get involved with pie.

When James turns three I’m going to teach him how to be a proper man. I’m going to teach him manners and to be a good listener who follows directions. But I also hope he keeps jumping on people, even though that’s not what a proper man does, because it’s so funny to watch him jump on Daddy.

Happy birthday, Psycho James! I love you no matter how crazy you are!