We survived Halloween! I have so much sympathy for teachers on October 31st. I volunteered in Annie’s class on Halloween morning and holy moly, the kids were nutso. I don’t know how her teacher managed it!

This was the first year Annie and James didn’t have matching costumes, but what they picked was so perfectly “them” I couldn’t be sad about it.

James is obsessed with all things Mario, and Annie loves being “spooky, but pretty” on Halloween. After she saw The Addams Family movie, she insisted on being Wednesday Addams. She totally had Wednesday’s deadpan down, and when someone would say to her “Happy Halloween,” she’d reply, “What’s so happy about it?” Meanwhile, James just ran around in circles yelling, “Itsa me! A-Mario!” while he jumped and punched the air.

I was so tired just looking at him.

After school, the kids designed pumpkins and Mike and I carved them.


They were pretty good if I do say so myself. I love James’ squat little pumpkin, and Annie’s pumpkin had four different carvings in it.


James was SO into trick-or-treating this year, and we managed to make it through more of our neighborhood than we have in the past, which was really fun.

Wednesday Addams


If I had a dollar for every time I called out to James, “Don’t run!” I would be RICH.

Annie’s refusal to break character was hilarious to me.

trick or treat

Trick-or-treating hours took place smack in the middle of Game 6 of the World Series. While kids went up to porches, parents gathered together on the sidewalk to share the score of the game. We also had a handy sign out on our porch, which lots of parents and kids appreciated:

Game 6

The kids scored a TON of candy for us. I mean, for them.

candy haul

Annie enjoyed handing out candy for the rest of the night, while James…


His batteries finally ran out.