I can’t believe she’s a year old, you guys.

One Year Old

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My tiny six pound, 19 inch baby that started in the tenth percentile is now in the 95th percentile for everything

weight: 24 pounds 7 ounces
length: 30.75 inches tall
head: 19.5 inches
hair: wild

She is so incredibly cute and fun lately. She loves to kiss everything, especially her toys. She points at new things, and if she’s close enough she’ll poke it with her finger (I’ve had to keep her away from my eye). She is OBSESSED with Rigby, much to the dog’s dismay. She chases her whenever she can, and laughs when Rigby growls at Annie for pulling her tail. Bad girl.

12 months

She isn’t walking reliably yet, but she’s getting bolder about taking steps. We don’t have to encourage her to do it anymore, she’ll just take steps if she thinks it’s the fastest way to get where she’s going. She stands independently all the time, and she does it without thinking. She’ll be playing with a toy and not even realize she hasn’t been holding onto anything. And then when she does realize, she suddenly loses her balance. It’s funny to watch.

12 months

She doesn’t like it when anyone leaves the room without saying “bye bye” to her. If you don’t say bye to her she’ll scream and cry (even if you’re going to the bathroom), but if you DO say bye to her she’ll wave and say “baaaaaaaaah byyyyyyyye” over and over in the sweetest little voice ever.

Her climbing gets better and better every day, much to our chagrin. I’m pretty certain she’s going to be left handed as she uses her left hand for everything – pointing, feeding herself, waving, etc.

12 months

She wasn’t pleased to have her check-up with Dr. Looove – she cried almost the entire time. But after she got her shots, she was super tough, only crying for a moment. Her sister would be so proud.

12 months

The best new development? She is starting to come around to being cuddled! It makes me so happy.

one year
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I can’t believe how much she’s changed in a year.