My brother is in London right now and I’m so jealous. I’m really happy and excited for him, he’s never been to Europe before and based on the two emails he’s sent me, he’s having a blast. I went to London seven years ago (wow, that long?!) with my mom, and it was amazing. We started by visiting Tara in Germany, where she was studying abroad. We traveled around with her for a few days, then headed to England. It was such a great experience. I mentioned to one of my coworkers today how I was jealous of my brother, and he rightfully pointed out that I will be going on my honeymoon soon enough. Now, if only Mike and I could figure out exactly what we wanted to do.

David Blaine is going to hold his breath tonight for almost nine minutes. How is that a magic trick? Mike and I watched one of David Blaine’s magic specials a few months ago and that dude could do crazy stuff! I’m not really digging his stupid stunts. Don’t worry, though, Mike asked me to Tivo the breath-holding spectacular, so I’m sure I’ll be watching it later. I can’t wait to fast-forward through it.