Three has been a fun age. A trying, patience-testing age, but a fun age. Annabel is so easy to please – she gets such a kick out of the simplest things, it’s a good reminder for me that she doesn’t need crazy toys and doodads to have fun. I’m especially enjoying doing things with her that I did as a kid. It’s fun to read her my favorite books, or do the holiday traditions I grew up with. The best part is that she thinks it’s fun, too.

Even though my distaste for things sticky and messy is well-documented, I was looking forward to dying Easter Eggs with her. I asked Mike to pick up an egg-dying kit at the grocery store, and he called me all, “Um, there are like, ten different options, which one do you want?” Nine of them were crazy-elaborate (we’re talking gold-plated eggs!), but I just wanted the basic egg-coloring kit that I used when I was a kid. It required vinegar and lemon juice…I don’t remember that as a kid! But I never prepared the dyes, that was always handled by my grandma.

Annie was like, “What are we doing? What are we doing?” while I was carrying the cups of dye out to the backyard (I think my hate of sticky/messy is more easy to deal with when I know I can just hose everything down). I told her we were making eggs for the Easter Bunny to hide, and she said, “But I want to eat them now…OH! RAINBOW COLORS!”

little giraffe

egg dye time

She was not gentle about putting the eggs in the dye, which means we’ll have some cracked, multicolored hard-boiled eggs on our hands. Delicious!

dying eggs

Mike and I showed her how to turn the eggs, and she tried using the egg-dipper thing it comes with but decided it was “too hard.”


She takes egg dying very seriously.


Her reaction to seeing a finished egg is the best.

She also got a big kick out of the two of us accidentally dying the tips of our fingers:

touched dyed fingers

look at my fingers!

When the eggs were dry, she and her daddy had fun adding stickers (which were just as impossible to stick on as I remembered).

adding stickers

She was very proud of her final product:

Annie with her eggs

So now I a) have to remember to hide them on Sunday morning, and b) have to remember WHERE I hide them. Pregnancy brain will be working against me!