I woke up yesterday to a little girl saying, “Time to wake up, Mama! It’s Mudder’s day!” It was also barely light outside, but Mike explained that Annie was too excited about giving me my present to let me sleep any longer. I was handed a large present and a card with a meticulously decorated envelope. After Annie explained every scribble and sticker, I was finally able to open my card and present. It was a long-waited-for child-made present.

my mother's day gift

She proudly told me all about making the platter, including the colors and shapes. I was so happy to get a present I can always look at and know my little girl helped create.

The rest of the morning I lounged while Mike, Annie, my cousin Leah, and her fiancé Ted put together a delicious brunch for me, my aunt, uncle, dad, and mom. It was nice to avoid the crowds and eat well surrounded by the comforts of home.

After we ate, we took our yearly Mother’s Day photo:

Mother's Day 2013

And after everyone left, I took a picture with my girl:

Mother's Day 2013

I always took Mother’s Day and other “Hallmark” holidays for granted, until my first Mother’s Day after Maddie died. And yeah, I don’t need a special day just for me – during this pregnancy, Mike and Annie have treated me like every day is Mother’s Day – but spending that particular Sunday as a childless mother was one of the worst days ever. So I think it’s nice to have a day where I celebrate my own mom and grandmothers, and especially my children, who make me feel special every day. It would be easy for me to lay in bed and get swallowed up by what I’ve lost, but I choose to focus on what I have here with me now – while still remembering and loving and missing my other sweet girl. They all made me a mom.

Mother's Day 2013

One in my heart, one in my arms, and one on the way.