On Tuesday, a security specialist came to Mike’s work to educate the employees on what they should do if a person came into their office and started shooting.

My friends’ kids have lockdown drills at their schools.

People share “How to survive a mass-shooting” articles on Facebook.

There were two mass shootings in the United States yesterday. There have been 355 mass shootings in the United States this year. There will probably be another one today. And tomorrow.

I can’t believe this keeps happening, and nothing is being done. Nothing is changing.

I’m scared, and I’m tired, and I’m mad.

The first time I volunteered in Annabel’s classroom, I looked carefully around the room. Not at the kid-made artwork or the brightly-colored posters, but at hiding places. Escapes routes.

I hate that Annabel’s class hasn’t had a lockdown drill.

I hate that I am always thinking worst-case scenario in public places.

I hate that people are dying, almost every day.

It’s horrific that we live in a time where people value their possessions more than their neighbors.

It’s horrific that this. keeps. happening.

What has happened to us? What are we doing?

How many more people have to die?