I woke up on Mother’s Day to the sound of Mike yelling, “James, NOOOO!” James had, apparently, kicked one of my presents into a cup of coffee Mike had prepared for me. I’m not sure how that happened, but James is magically destructive. Luckily, the present wasn’t ruined (it was a small frame) and the rest of Mother’s Day was lovely.

Mother's Day 2015

The kids and Mike brought me cards, gifts, and coffee in bed. The cards were sweet – I love the messages Annabel dictates – and the presents were just as nice. Along with the sweet frame, Mike gave me a gift card for a massage, and Annabel gave me earrings that she’d picked out herself. According to Mike, she’d been very clear about what she wanted to get me. When I asked her about them, she said, “I really wanted to get you lapis earrings, because it’s such a pretty stone.” I was like, “….wha? Where did you learn about that?” “Minecraft,” She replied. Oh, of course.

Annabel also gave me a book she and Mike had filled out called, What I Love About Mom. She filled in fifty blanks with sweet and funny things like, “I hope to be as good at sewing as you one day,” “I love how you never stop loving me when you’re mad at me,” “I’d love it if we could work on your blog together soon,” and, “I’d be lost without your kisses.” It’s definitely my favorite kid-made present so far.

After we facetimed with Mike’s parents, we went to my aunt’s house. She made us a delicious spread and we were stuffed ourselves! James really went to town.

Mother's Day 2015

It was nice to hang out with my goofballs.

Mother's Day 2015
This is the look we give my dad when he says something crazy.

Mother's Day 2015
James did not like being contained.

But it was especially nice to celebrate my mom, who does so much for us. She’s the kind of mother I aspire to be, and I am so lucky to have her in my life.

Mother's Day 2015

And I’m so lucky to have these two in my arms.

mother's day 2015
James was still trying to get away.

I know a lot of people don’t like Mother’s Day, for a lot of valid reasons. I get it. Mother’s Day is hard for me, too. The pain I feel over Madeline’s absence is more acute on days like these. But having spent a Mother’s Day as a childless mother, I have a different appreciation for holidays. I like the opportunity to gather my family together and celebrate my mom and grandmothers. As our lives get busier, we sometimes need a holiday to all be in the same room. I don’t take these moments for granted anymore.