I knew after my last post that I’d get some people saying, “But WHAT can we do? What laws or regulations would stop gun violence?”

Well, I made a list of suggestions.

Let’s make one thing clear from the start – no law or regulation will stop all crime. The point of common-sense gun regulations is to make it HARDER for people to commit crimes. These suggestions might be inconvenient, but law-abiding citizens who value the lives of others shouldn’t mind some minor inconveniences if it means saving lives.

Also, don’t come for me with, “But…mental health!!!” because I agree! Mental health is woefully underfunded and unsupported in this country. I will talk about mental health anytime. However, there is plenty of room in our brains to talk about mental health AND common sense gun regulations.

~Don’t pass bills allowing easy access to silencers/suppressors (A silencer’s effect would have been negligible in the Vegas rampage, but it’s possible that silencers/suppressors could make some shootings worse than they would be otherwise).
~If you commit domestic violence or any other type of violence against children or animals, you lose your right to own a gun.
~Gun owners should have to register every gun (just like a car), and carry liability insurance on every gun (just like a car), and reregister every year (just like a car).
~Document all sales of guns between people, and have strict repercussions for not doing so.
~Impose very strict penalties for crimes committed with a gun registered in other states.
~Register guns that are inherited, with strict penalties if not.
~Require gun manufacturers to make guns safer (fingerprint access, etc).
~If a child accesses a loaded gun and kills someone, the gun owner should go to jail for murder.
~A person should have to demonstrate a reason to have a gun for self-protection, and then there needs to be a process for people who need guns for protection to access them.
~Have handsome monetary rewards for voluntarily turning in a gun (more than the gun is worth).
~Keep guns out of hands of mentally ill people who cannot make other decisions for themselves.
~Repeal open carry laws.
~”One strike you’re out” law for anyone brandishing a gun in a menacing way (loss of right to bear arms).
~Hunters can have reasonable guns for hunting but no semiautomatic weapons, and offer a handsome monetary incentive to turn in your gun during non-hunting seasons.
~Annual background checks.
~Require regular gun safety training.
~Allow the CDC to study gun violence.
~Federal regulations on guns, so people can’t go to lax states and bring them back to states with stricter laws (if someone brings up Chicago one more time I will SCREAM. More than half of the recovered guns in Chicago were purchased outside of Illinois.).
~Limits on the number of guns a person can own. This study from 2004 is eye-opening.
~Tax ammunition.
~Track the sales of ammunition like we do with Sudafed and other mandated drugs.
~Make it a requirement that purchasers must present registration/license to buy ammunition.
~Only allow licensed gun retailers to sell ammunition.
~Ban ammunition sales at locations not legally authorized to sell the weapon.
~Limit magazine capacity.
~Outlaw bump stocks.
~Prohibit people subject to a temporary restraining order from having guns.
~If you have been the subject of an involuntary psychiatric hold with 5 years, you cannot have a gun.
~Don’t tie up legislation in committee allowing people to stockpile guns and ammunition.
~Tie gun ownership to social services and domestic violence investigations.
~Outlaw concealed carry for nonmilitary/law enforcement.
~Make all movies with guns in them “R” or higher.
~Put modesty covers on gun and ammo magazines, like porn.
~Put warning stickers on all guns and boxes of ammo, with pictures of victims’ bodies (the way cigarette packs showed black lungs) on the packaging.
~In gun safety classes, make potential gun owners see graphic photos of people killed by gun violence (the way drivers ed students watch Red Asphalt).
~Require a vision test as part of the licensing process.

This list of suggestions is by no means exhaustive. There are so many other ideas out there. We can do something. We DON’T have to live like this.