When we moved into this house, we started the tradition of getting a small, real tree for the kids. Even though it’s a tradition I was excited to start, the activities of the month keep me so occupied that I almost forget about picking one out. But never fear, Annabel is here, and she would never, ever forget something that personally benefits her. As soon as we put up our (big)¬†artificial tree, she starts asking, “When are we going to pick out the kid tree?” over, and over, and over.

The tree has been through several different “phases.” The first year it was the purple tree, the next year the princess tree. After James was born, Annie had to get used to sharing her tree, which for the last two years has meant she decorates it however she wants but hangs up one ornament “for James.” This year, I knew he was old enough to not let that fly.

the finished tree

We took them to the lot over the weekend and let them run around to look at the trees. I still think tree lots are so magical (someday we’ll trek out to a place where we can cut one down). I’m always immediately transported back to my own childhood by the sights and smells.

at the lot

this way!

This tree was fourteen feet tall and even though we have a big tree, I wanted it. Look how pretty! But Mike was like, “We have a tree,” and “this is ridiculously expensive” and “have you lost your mind,” so it stayed on the lot.

gigantic, gorgeous tree

The kids found their tree after wandering the aisles:

at the tree lot

After we brought it home, the kids and Mike got to decorating while I got to making some yummy Mexican Hot Chocolate.

decorating the tree

decorating the little tree

I was still in the kitchen when I heard a thud, followed by Annie screaming, “JAMES! NOOOO!” and then James saying, “I knock it over!” In the kitchen I thought, “Imma just stay riiiiiiight here where my blood pressure is niiiice and low while I stir this hot chocolate.” Mike righted the tree, but there were a few ornament casualties. Annie was pretty upset, but luckily some extra whipped cream in her hot chocolate took away the sting.

When they were done, they called me in to look at their handiwork.

their Christmas tree

their tree

It is the most Annie and James thing EVER, and I couldn’t love it any more. The crazy tinsel, the clustered ornaments, the crooked star…it’s all just perfect. Just like both of them.