The kids and I are huuuuuge fans of Hamilton: An American Musical. A year ago, I watched the PBS documentary about the making of the musical, and they both sat with me and watched it with undivided attention. Ever since then, we’ve been Ham Fans. We listen to the soundtrack daily, and the kids have every word memorized (I do, too, because remembering song lyrics is my superpower).

When it was announced that Hamilton’s traveling show was coming to Los Angeles, we flipped out. Unfortunately, like 8 billion people tried to get tickets when they went on sale, and we weren’t able to get any. We were terribly disappointed, but I promised Annie that I’d enter the daily ticket lottery, and I reminded her that even if we don’t get tickets to this tour, we’ll definitely see the show someday.

WELL, someday came for me this past Friday. My friend Meghan’s wonderful mom wasn’t able to go to the show, so they offered her ticket to me!!! Did I feel guilty at first because of my kids? Definitely. But when someone offers you a ticket to Hamilton you DO NOT say no (and I’m still going to try to get tickets for Annie to go with Mike)!

When we arrived at the theatre and saw the marquee, I got goosebumps.

Hamilton Pantages

Our seats were great, too:

Hamilton in LA

While we sat in our seats waiting for the show to start, I probably squeezed Meghan’s arm 100 times. She might have a bruise. But I was SO EXCITED. This was my pre-show face:

waiting for the show to start

When the show started, oh my gosh. I had chills the entire time. The cast is fantastically talented, and I really enjoyed the personal spin they each gave to their characters. I was completely transported back to the 1700s.

At intermission I looked like this:

shook at intermission

As the kids say, I was shook.

And after the show was over…I mean, we all know how it ends but I was still emotional.

ugly cry
I was also so sad it was over.

It’s been four days since I saw the show and I’m still consumed by the show. It’s so good. SO GOOD. If you have the opportunity to sell a kidney so you can scalp a ticket, it’s totally worth it. You have an extra kidney, it’s fine.

I’m off to go sell one of mine now so Annie can see it!