It’s been so interesting watching how differently my three kids have developed. We obviously had no idea what to expect with Madeline since she was not only our oldest, she was also a preemie. She did a lot of things on or ahead of “schedule” (like fine motor skills, talking, etc), and some things were delayed (specifically walking). Annabel has been in a hurry to grow up since the day she was born. She started talking early, and climbed things before she even knew how to walk. And now we have James.

Sweet baby James has done everything at his own pace, and it’s been so fine. But after having two babies who were very verbal and one who was determined to be as physical as possible, having a quiet, laid-back baby was really different. It took James a while to even show any interest in sitting, let alone crawling or walking. Any veteran parent will tell you that a late walker is actually a very precious gift, so we were definitely not sad that he wasn’t running all over the place at an early age. Of course, as soon as he realized how great mobility is, it all came together for him very fast. Now he’s easily the most coordinated of any of us. He squats, walks backwards and sideways, climbs everything, and man can he run fast.


Talking, though…that still hasn’t come together for James. At his one-year check Dr. Looove asked me how many words he had and I said, “Um…mama…and dada?” She then asked how James let us know when he wanted something, like a toy or a drink. And I said, “He doesn’t.” He’s not like, pointing and grunting at the stuff he wants. If he can’t get to something he wants, he doesn’t care. He’s literally just like, “Oh, that ball is out of my reach…I’ll just find something else to play with.” He’s so crazy-content all the time! What planet is he from?!

Now, in the two months since his first birthday, he has picked up a few more words. “Uppa” when he wants to be picked up, “Nah-nah” for Annie, and “Yum” when he’s eating something he likes. He’s dropped a “hi” and “bye” a few times but not regularly. We’ll also prompt him to repeat words, which he’ll do on occasion if it strikes his fancy.

James does babble a ton and we’re definitely not even close to being concerned by his lack of language at this point. I just want him to talk more, for my own selfish reasons. I want to figure out how his brain works, and how he thinks. I want to hear that sweet voice that’s cuter than his chubby cheeks. I want Annie to have someone else to talk to! But I’m trying to be patient. Hopefully James Talking will be just like James Walking – when he finally takes an interest in it, it will come together very fast.

my little guy

What’s going on in your head, little boy?