First day of second grade is in the books!

Annie was jazzed to start back to school, although she was crushed to find out that her best friend M isn’t in her class this year. M’s mom and I are also crushed, because we’re friends, too (and we like to split the room mom duties). Luckily, the girls’ classrooms are directly across from each other, so, in Annie’s words, “We’re only separated by a small patch of grass.” Ok kid.

Last night, the two of us spent time perfecting Annie’s backpack to “give off the right vibe,” and how is that a thing in second grade? This girl kills me.

customized backpack

Mike, James and I walked her to school this morning. James refused to let go of her hand.

on the way to second grade

(She also told me that the “cool kids only wear their backpacks on one shoulder.”)

When we got to the school, she reluctantly allowed us to snap a picture of her in front of the school sign…but on her terms.

dab for back to school

She’s dabbing. I can’t with her.

After she gave the principal a big hug, she turned around and told us that we could “leave her at the gate.” LOL no, you’re not getting rid of us that easily, my darling.

Annie only allowed Mike to take a picture with her before she declared both of us “embarrassing” and went into her classroom.

she looks delighted

Doesn’t she look delighted?

To be fair, I know Annie was really anxious to meet her teacher, who is new to our school. I was anxious to meet her, too, so we followed her into the classroom.

second grader

After watching the teacher introduce herself to each kid, we said our goodbyes and left. James was sad to leave Annie but luckily there were no tears from him this year.

hugging annie goodbye

kinda sad

When I picked her up from school a little while ago, she announced that it was “such a fun day” and that her teacher is “so fun and nice.” When I asked, “What did you learn? What was your favorite part of the day? What was the funniest thing that happened?” she responded with, “I don’t remember.”

So glad school is back.