toothy smile

James had eight of his teeth pop through on what I considered to be the early side. His first two teeth showed up at the end of his third month, and by seven months he had four teeth on top and four on the bottom. Teething seemed to bother James the most at night (because of COURSE). I felt terrible for him, even with Tylenol he’d whimper all night. During the day he seemed totally unphased except for one thing: he’d grind his teeth.

I almost came unglued the first time I heard him grind his teeth. It was so loud that I actually thought Annabel was the one doing the grinding, but when I looked at her she appeared just as grossed out as I felt. I know he’s probably not doing any damage to his teeth (Dr. Looove has looked at every check up), but the sound. Oh god, THE SOUND. I feel like my bones are going to leave my body when I hear teeth grinding. There’s just something about the frequency or something that makes me feel like I am unraveling. I feel every hair stand up on my body and my teeth feel like they’re going to fall out of my mouth.

The good news is that once all of James’ teeth came in, he stopped grinding his teeth. The bad news is it was only temporary relief. James is mega-teething right now, as evidenced by a) the arrival of a new bottom tooth, b) copious amounts of drool, and c) TEETH GRINDING IS BACK GOD HELP ME. And now he has more teeth, so somehow it’s even louder.

I’ve tried saying, “James, NO!” but he’s in that, “Mommy is so funny when she tells me no!” laughing stage of baby development. I once tried offering him my finger to chew on, but I’ll never make that mistake again because OUCH. I’ve given him other things to bite but nothing is as fun to him as rubbing his teeth against each other.

HOW DO I TEACH HIM TO STOP? Because yesterday he started grinding his teeth from the backseat of my car…so for the entire drive I had to listen to him grind and giggle. I felt like I was being tested.

I can’t take much more of this. I mean, I can, obviously, but I CANNOT. So, short of pulling all of his teeth, what should I try?