People are always surprised when they find out Mike and I root for rival baseball teams. “How can your relationship withstand 18-19 games of head-to-head play?” they’ll ask incredulously. “I don’t think I could be with a person who didn’t like the same team,” others will state. Honestly, though, this is nothing for us. Our relationship has overcome far-greater fundamental differences, like Mike believing that Grease 2 is superior to Grease.

This argument recently resurfaced with the release of Grease: Live, which we have watched On Demand about 1,000 times in the last week (our kids are obsessed). Mike can’t handle the kids loving Grease, and is constantly going into his big sell as to why the inferior sequel is better than the original motion picture. Obviously, I can’t let that stand so…we present our case:


Mike: Grease 2 was Michelle Pfieffer’s first major starring film role.
Heather: Grease is based on a wildly successful musical, and several of the actors in the movie were in the Broadway production (including John Travolta, who played DOODY on stage! LOL)

Mike: Michelle Pfeiffer’s character was way cooler than Sandy and a total badass.
Heather: Michelle Pfeiffer’s character is a Rizzo-wannabe!

Mike: It has the greatest choreographed song and dance sequence set in a bowling alley in the history of film. (“Score Tonight” also gets points for the double meaning in the title.)
Heather: “Greased Lightnin'” has amazing choreography, and many lyrics with double meaning.

Mike: There are lots of cool scenes with motorcycles.
Heather: The car race scene at Thunderroad is a million times cooler than a bunch of motorcycles. Also, you can’t make out at the drive in on the back of a motorcycle!

Mike: There are many genuinely clever and funny songs like “Reproduction” and “Let’s Do It For Our Country.”
Heather: “Beauty School Dropout” and “Grease” are great, catchy songs.

Mike: Even the questionable songs, like”Who’s That Guy” and “Cool Rider” (“I want a cool rider/A cool, cool, cool, cool rider/I want a c-o-o-l r-i-d-e-r!”) are earworms that stay with you forever.
Heather: Meanwhile, the soundtrack of Grease is one of the greatest selling albums of all time, and “Hopelessly Devoted to You” was nominated for an Academy Award.

Mike: When I was a kid I had a crush on the twins.
Heather: Super, massive side-eye.

Mike: Christopher McDonald, aka Happy Gilmore‘s Shooter McGavin, played a T-Bird.
Heather: Hmmm. I’ll give you this one.

Mike: Did I mention it has Michelle Pfeiffer?
Heather: Stockard Channing, John Travolta, Jeff Conaway, Olivia Freaking Newton John!

Mike:  I admit part of my love for Grease 2 is because my sister and I used to watch it all the time as kids. But still, I still think it’s a good movie.
Heather: This movie played at every single sleepover I attended from the years 1989 – 1995.

Bonus point: When Mike asked Annabel if she wanted to watch Grease 2, she said, “Are Sandy and Rizzo in it? Then nah.”