Mike and I have a good-natured competition to see which one of us Annie takes after the most, so we were very excited to bring her to Knott’s Berry Farm’s Camp Spooky this past weekend to gauge her reaction to her first amusement park.

Would she prove to be an amusement park lover like me for whom no roller coaster is too scary? Or would she be lukewarm on amusement parks and hate roller coasters like her (weirdo) father?

I have to admit, I was a little nervous at first. Annie was a tad cranky when we arrived, and then when we met Snoopy she became shy/freaked out instead of being all, “OMG! I am meeting THE Snoopy!” It was a very Mike-like display of “amusement park party pooper-ness.” I, on the other hand, was perhaps a little too excited:

Snoopy’s expression says, “This lady scares me.”

Mike had no time to savor his “victory,” however, because Annie soon spotted one of the kid friendly rides – race cars that go around a track – and yelled, “Cars! Cars! Cars!” It was a very Heather-esque display of amusement park enthusiasm. Score.

Annie went on the ride with Mike, and though the cars whipped around the corners pretty fast, she was all giggles and squeals of joy. I was very impressed, especially since there were some older kids who stumbled out of their cars at the end, teary-eyed.

“Watch your back, Danica Patrick. There’s a new girl in town.”

Girlfriend was only getting started. She literally took off sprinting around the park, determined to find more rides.

Unabashedly rocking a Disney costume at Knott’s.

She climbed aboard a train ride and honked the horn the whole time…

Conductor Annie

…and then found a Merry-Go-Round and went on it twice!

“Faster, Seabiscuit, we can win this thing!”

Yup. Annie most definitely takes after me when it comes to amusement parks, and for that I am so happy. I can’t wait until she’s old enough to go on a roller coaster with me so we can hold hands and scream our heads off together.