How did we get here already? Annabel is officially in Kindergarten.

It took her forevvvver to fall asleep on Tuesday night – “I’m too excited to sleep” – so I was worried about how Wednesday morning would go. School mornings are starting a full 75 minutes before her preferred wake up time. But when her alarm went off (a Taylor Swift song, of course), she hopped right out of bed and said, “YAAAAY SCHOOL!”

She ate every drop of breakfast, didn’t protest during her hair brushing, and got herself dressed and ready with time to spare…man, I hope every morning goes like this.

first day of Kindergarten

Annabel and James thought walking to the school was the greatest thing ever. “I just can’t get over that we can walk to school, Mom! I love it!”

first day of Kindergarten

It was so cute to see all the other kids streaming into the school. Everyone looked so happy and excited. I still remember my first day of Kindergarten, and that was over thirty years ago. I told Annabel, “You’re going to remember this day in thirty years, when you’re my age!” And she replied, “Thirty years? That’s sooooo old!”

first day of Kindergarten

Annabel is in a Kindergarten/First Grade combination class. There are 22 kids in the class, with only seven of them being Kindergarteners. I think this is going to be a good thing for her. We waited with Annabel while her teacher lined up the kids to enter the classroom. When it was her turn, she confidently told her teacher her name, then walked right into her class without a glance back at us.

Meanwhile, James was like, “AHNNNIIIIIIIIIEEEEE!” Poor little guy is going to have a hard time adjusting to his best friend being gone every day. A special only-child breakfast date helped ease the blow.

Only Child Breakfast

After school, Annabel and James were so happy to see each other (AHNNNNIEEEEE! JAMESIE!), it would have warmed my heart if it hadn’t already been sweating from the heat. After getting some one-word responses to my questions (“How was school?” “Fine.” “Did you make any friends?” “Yeah.”) I decided to wait a few hours to let her decompress. That proved to be the right move, and eventually she started to share info on her day. Highlights included:

~Learning the rules, like walking with “sealed lips.” LOL
~Raising hands when they want to talk.
~Getting a star for good behavior. YAY
~Drawing a picture of what she did this summer. She said she drew a picture of Hawaii and not playing Nintendo so PHEW.
~A girl was sent to the “thinking area” for throwing books. Drama!

She also said that she made friends on the playground with “a girl not in my class.” When I said, “What’s her name?” she replied, “I don’t know.” So I said, “You should ask her tomorrow what her name is,” and she responded, “Or I’ll just make another friend…there are a lot of kids to choose from.” Okay then.

I can’t believe that little six pound baby is already in Elementary School. Slow down, time.