Like I mentioned, Annabel and I went on a quick trip Thursday – Saturday. I was apprehensive about being away over Maddie’s birthday, but I knew a one-on-one trip with my girl would be good for both of us. So off we went on Thursday morning to the Emerald City, Seattle.

Annie is finally at the glorious age where she can (mostly) pack herself and be responsible for her own bags.


She was SO excited about being on a plane, and was even more thrilled when she discovered she had a window seat.

we're flying!

Annie is a great kid to have near you on a plane if you’re traveling with small children, because she loves to make faces at and talk to little kids. We had a ton of kids around us, so she was in her element.

ready to fly

After we arrived at our hotel, we met up with my friend Mandy and her daughter Harper for some much-needed friend time.

Annabel and Harper

who are these kids

me and mandy

On Friday morning, I woke up with a heavy heart, but my little Annie woke up full of excitement. That’s because we were going to Nintendo that day! I was going for a work event, and Annie was going to come along and play video games until her eyes dropped out of her head and her fingers fell off her hands. Unsurprisingly, she had a blast.

one up!

Mario Bros

The princess is in another castle!

That night, we couldn’t find any creme puffs near our hotel, but we found the next best thing: cupcakes. After making wishes and blowing kisses to the sky, Annabel blew out her sister’s birthday candle.

For Maddie

On Saturday morning, we had some time to explore the city before we flew home. My aunt used to live in Seattle, but I hadn’t been there in almost twenty years, so I was excited. First stop? The Space Needle!

Space Needle!

As we were going up in the elevator, the operator told us that normally it only takes 44 seconds to get to the top but since it was windy that day, the elevators were operating at half speed. That should have been my first clue that something was up but no, I was too busy taking selfies.

in the elevator

At the top, Annabel was blown away by the view. I was, too, but I was also feeling something else – queasy. I felt like I was standing on a boat. I thought maybe the elevator had given me motion sickness, but then I heard someone who worked there say, “The Space Needle is built to withstand high winds and earthquakes blah blah blah the building sways in the wind.”

Oh ok.

Annabel wanted to out outside on the observation deck, so out we went. As we moved around the deck, we were suddenly hit with wind so strong, I felt like I was a weatherman in a hurricane.

stop it wind

Me: We’re gonna die get me down!

a little windy

If the whole deck wasn’t basically caged in, there is NO WAY I would have stayed out there. I still wasn’t happy about it!

After three loops around the observation deck, I begged Annie to go back to the bottom with me. Luckily, she was fine with it. We hopped on the monorail, which Annie was strangely apprehensive about, but quickly warmed up to.

monorail what


We walked around a bit, then hit up Pike Place Market:

Pike Place Market

After exploring the shops and having some food, I took Annabel over to where the fishmongers toss the fish around. At first she thought it was a regular fish stall (we’d already seen a few), and was fascinated by the giant fish. And then…the fishmongers tossed some fish, and one of them missed a fish and it landed right next to Annie. “MOM WE HAVE TO LEAVE.” LOL ok

not happy with me

Seattle is so gorgeous. It had been twenty years, but I hadn’t forgotten. Annabel couldn’t get over how green everything was. I loved the fresh air. I definitely needed it. We were sad to leave, but we had important things to do at home. On our flight, the pilot gave Annie wings. She was SO stoked.

I got wings!!!

After we arrived at home (thanks for the ride, mom and dad!) and hugged our boys, we got down to serious business.

creme puffs

Too bad James didn’t like it.

creme puff boy

There really is no place like home.