I just adore Annabel’s best friend, E. They are so sweet to each other, and they do almost everything together. When it came time to sign up for the school talent show, E’s mom and I knew the girls would want to do something together – assuming, of course, that they’d want to participate. Which, duh, of course they did. After much discussion, they decided to sing, “You’ve Got a Friend in Me,” from Toy Story.

All the kids who wanted to participate in the talent show had to “audition,” although I use that term loosely. They really just had to show the teachers that their act was appropriate for an elementary audience. After the kids were approved for the talent show, they had to attend twice-weekly rehearsals after school. I LOVED THIS. It forced all the kids to practice, and it was so helpful for Annie and E to see how the older kids handled themselves on-stage. I attended a few of the rehearsals and I was so impressed by all the kids. It was so cool to see them all showing off their special skills (Magic! Gymnastics! Skateboarding!).

The big talent show performance was this past Friday. The girls coordinated their entire look from head to toe:


As E’s mom and I helped the girls get ready for the show, they both admitted they were really nervous. But you nevvvvver would have known it by how confidently they marched onto the stage.

My name is Annabel and I own this place.

Did I mention they were the very first act?! But again, you’d never have known it. They sang confidently, and didn’t miss a single word or cue.



And at the end, they hugged. Because it wasn’t cute enough already!

I was so incredibly proud of them. It’s hard enough to get up in front of your peers and sing, but to do it in first grade? So awesome. The girls had huge grins on their faces, and I loved seeing their classmates and teach give them big hugs after the show.

Talent Show
The post-show curtain call.

Unsurprisingly, they are already talking about next year’s talent show. “Maybe we’ll do a dance. Or we can get those microphones that you wear and we can sing AND dance!” Oh boy.

If you need a daily dose of adorable, here’s a little clip I took of them singing:

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