We’re in the middle of one of our craziest (but most fun) weekends of the year. Amusement parks, theme dinners, birthday parties, movies…I’m actually surprised that we’ve managed to fit everything in! The kids are both on cloud nine, and Mike and I are, too. We’re all going to sleep hard tonight.

Family Portrait!

Good Reads

~ I love my beautiful pal Meredith’s tumblr that’s all about bringing purposeful acts of play to your life.

~ Murder in a Time Before Google – Nicole Beaudry’s article about her father’s murder (by his best friend) in 1973 had me holding my breath.

~The Work/Life Balance for Parents and Non-Parents is a really interesting article from the point of view of a non-parent.

Around The ‘Net

~Photographer Recreates Iconic Photos With John Malkovich As The Main Subject … I don’t know how to feel about this.

~ Woman Sues Disney, Claims Frozen Copied Her Life Story um…okay.

Wong Girl

~ I’ve been all excited about seeing Gone Girl next weekend because of all the early articles that said the third act of the story is completely different from the book. However, this review says that is actually not the case (and is a little spoiler-y, so don’t read if you haven’t finished the book and thrown it across the room). The review says the movie is good, so I will probably still see it, but I’ll make sure I’m not holding anything I will throw at the screen in disgust.


~ I’m going to my first USC football game of the season next weekend and I’m excited. Gone are the days when I’d arrive before dawn to tailgate all day for an evening game, but I still like to get there early and enjoy food, drinks, and friends. I got an email this morning with a bunch of “tailgating essentials” and I had to laugh. I would have loved some of this (crazy) stuff. Like these hammock chairs that attach to the back of your car, or this remote-controlled cooler. I personally have always wanted a ride-on cooler but I would have to win the lottery to make that happen!

Top It Off

~ So, big floppy hats are the “in” accessory right now. I love an excuse to cover up my roots! This hat is cute, as is this one, but considering the main reasons I leave the house are for grocery runs or school pick-up/drop off, I think a baseball cap is still going to be my go-to. While I definitely make an effort to look polished at the pre-k, I can’t imagine wearing something so trendy to pick-up!

Happy Sunday, everyone!