The kids had picture day at school at couple weeks ago. It was very different than usual (obviously). No class picture, just individual photos of each kid. Annie and James had an assigned time to show up, and the photographers were set up outside the school in tents. They wore masks until it was time to say “cheese,” and then put them back on until we were off the campus. My kids aren’t bothered by wearing a mask. They don’t LOVE it, but to them, masks mean they can do more things. Masks have let Annie start practicing softball again, and James has been able to play outside with other kids. Annie says she’d sleep in a mask if it meant she could go back to school. Luckily, she won’t have to do that (our district is going through the process of opening), but I’m proud they understand that masks are a means to an end.

Fifth grade and second grade! Elementary school is flying by.

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Fun Finds

~Mike, the kids, and I are working on getting back in shape (we maybe enjoyed too many lazy quarantine days). We let the kids wear our fitness trackers for a few days so they could see how much they were moving and they became OBSESSED with trying to get more steps than each other. We’re thinking about getting each of them a kids’ Fitbit (or something like it) – does anyone have them for their kids?
~Speaking of fitness, these sports bras are incredibly comfortable. They’re supportive but don’t squeeze the back fat!
~I hardly ever wear earrings anymore since I hardly ever leave my house, but I am tempted to get a pair of suspender earrings. Am I too old for them? Probably. But I still like them!

Happy Sunday, everyone! Stay safe out there.