We had an interesting week. The old video of Annie saying Friends lines that I reposted two Fridays ago got a bit of online attention. I was not expecting anything like that to happen at all with a year-old video that had about 3,000 views after 365 days. I told Annie about it at first but she was mostly unimpressed (like, “Oh, cool…do we have any PlayDoh?”) although I think someday Annie might think being on the Ellen.com website was neat since we watch that show all the time. It’s kind of funny because we’ve mostly stopped doing these sort of “skit” videos, and I’ve been slowly phasing new videos out of the weekly rotation over the last few months (which is why I reposted that old one in the first place!). We’ve turned down all of the requests that have come our way about this, and it’s been a good lesson, something I definitely should have learned a long time ago.

Around The ‘Net

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~If you haven’t updated to iOS 8 because you don’t have room on your phone, here’s a work around.

~I love what this organization does for parents who’ve lost babies.

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Slurp’s Up

~I know it’s cold in 90% of the country, but in LA it’s still 1,000° so this peach wine slushie sounds amazing.

~Caramel Apple Sangria WHAAAAAAAAAAT.

~You had me at “caketini.”

For Cozy Days

~If I knew how to knit, I’d make these cozy gloves.

~White Chocolate Almond Souffle Cake…omg drool.

Cooler-Weather Dreaming

Someday this crazy LA heat wave will end here, right? I would always rather be warm than cold, but I won’t be sad when I can pack away the tank tops and put on some layers. Annie keeps asking to wear her longer-sleeved items and I have to be like, “No, you can’t wear that to school…it’s going to be 98° today.” But I’m still looking at all of the fall clothes emails that come through my inbox because a girl can dream.

~Mike pretty much lives in button-down shirts at work but I’d like to get him some comfortable henleys that, at the very least, he could wear on the weekends. He gets cold easily, so I am always looking for casual jackets he can wear while he sits at his desk. This textured jacket might fit the bill.

~I was sent a dolman sleeve top in a Stitch Fix box and I’ve been obsessed with them ever since. They are flattering and comfortable, and can be dressed up or down depending on your accessories. I’m also looking forward to throwing on layers, like cardigans or moto jackets.

~Annie wants to wear dresses year-round, so once it gets slightly cooler I make her wear leggings under them. She doesn’t mind the leggings but she gets hot easily so I encourage her to wear hoodies and cardigans. I haven’t picked out clothes for Annie in a while, but if she let me shop for her I’d get her this slouchy cardigan. I kind of want it in my size, too!

~James, on the other hand, needs clothes that he can’t take off (we’ve reached that stage…it’s not fun). I’ll be getting him some soft pullover hoodies and long-sleeved baseball tees. He has a short-sleeved jersey-style tee that is my absolute favorite thing on him, so I’m probably going to buy him long-sleeved ones in every color. Shopping for a little boy was frustrating at first (I swear the girl-clothes to boy-clothes ration is like 5-1 in stores) but once I figured out where to find the styles I like I’ve really enjoyed dressing my little guy.


Happy Sunday, everyone!