It’s scary times with the horrible fires raging on the west coast right now. We personally are safe from danger and hopefully, that will continue. The amount of smoke is absolutely astounding. The air is tinted with smoke, turning the sun a strange red color. We’ve been staying inside as much as possible to avoid breathing in the unhealthy air. And we’re lucky, we aren’t close to any fires. Mike’s parents are in northern California and it’s so much worse. I can’t stop thinking about the people who’ve been displaced and the lives that have been lost. The enormity of loss this year is staggering. I’m focusing on what’s right in front of me.

These best buddies are such a light.

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Fun Finds

~I recently binge-watched Schitt’s Creek, and oh my gosh I can’t believe it took me so long! I loved it, and immediately ordered this shirt after I watched the final episode.
~I was looking for a footstool on Amazon when I came across this velvet one. I didn’t get it (I was looking for something much smaller) but I thought it was so cute.
~Our office chairs are comfortable, but old and have peeling fabric. I looked at new ones, but decided it would be waaaaay cheaper to just buy some cute slipcovers. Office chairs are PRICEY!

Happy Sunday, everyone! Stay safe out there.