This morning is our Back To School party. Annie still doesn’t know it’s happening! I don’t keep things from her with the intention of surprising her so much as it’s a function for survival. If she knew an event was happening she’d make me crazy by asking NON-STOP “Is it time? Is it time? Is it time?” I’ve been slowly putting out little decorations here and there, and this morning Mike is taking the kids to breakfast while I finish the final prep work. When they get back, it’s party time!

Around The ‘Net

~I mean, this is so stupid. Hello Kitty isn’t a cat? Sure. Explain the whiskers, then.

~Apparently short dudes make better partners.

~Stuff cut in half!

~How not to use a baby carrier. I dunno…I think it would make an excellent grocery bag.

~The Huffington Post picked up my post about being happy Annabel is going back to school.

~Back to school tech guide! Lots of amazing apps, I want them all.


~This is normally where I’d encourage all of you to leave more comments for vaccines, buuuuut….we hit our goal! 60,000 comments and shares were hit yesterday and I could not be more proud to have been a part of such a successful effort – this blog contributed over 3,700 vaccines! HUGE THANKS to all of you for liking, sharing, and commenting my post. EXTRA HUGE THANKS to those of you who came back multiple times and left dozens (or hundreds!) of comments. Honestly, I have the best readers on the planet.

Labor Sales

Tomorrow is Labor Day, so my inbox is stuffed with weekend sales notices that I thought I’d pass on:

~Anthropologie – Extra 20% off sale items
~Calvin Klein – Extra 25% off with code: LABOR2014
~Curtainworks – 30% off with code: CWLAB14
~DSW – sandals up to 50% off!
~GAP – up to 40% off
~Gymboree – 40% off everything!
~LOFT – 50% off sale and select full price styles
~Nordstrom – Clearance! 40% off Mens, Womens, Juniors, Kids, & Gifts
~Old Navy – 40% off the entire store!
~Sephora – up to 75% off summer favorites
~Target – up to 25% off select items

Stuff I Found

~Annie really loves The Lego Movie, and I just found this Wyldstyle Nightgown when I was searching for something else. I think that might be my first official Christmas 2014 purchase.

~A bunch of you asked about the Frozen Coronation Day Annie was wearing in a picture last week. I found it on Amazon and I stalked it for two weeks. The price changes constantly. Two days ago when I grabbed this link it was listed for $27. A few minutes ago it was listed at $35. When I bought it ten days ago I got it for $21. What I’m saying is, if you want it and don’t need it immediately, keep an eye on it.


Happy Sunday, everyone!