It’s been a bazillion degrees here this week – the heat wave started just in time for the first week of school. I drove by Annabel’s school on Friday (the hottest day) during morning recess and the Kindergarteners didn’t seem too bothered by the 100-degree temperature, but on our walk home I could see Annabel was really overheated. Luckily, my Aunt Lynn has a pool, so we cooled off there. Annabel said, “I can’t believe we get to swim even though I went to school today!”

school swimming

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Shot @ Life

~You guys have SLAAAAAYED me with your amazingness on my Shot @ Life post! We’ve donated over EIGHT THOUSAND vaccines. EIGHT THOUSAND WHAT!!! Tomorrow is the last day to comment or share and I am just bursting with pride. Thank you to everyone who commented, but massive appreciation to Lucy and Jen R, who left thousands of comments. I am blown away by you two!

$250 to Target

~Have you entered the drawing to win $250 to Target? All you have to do to enter is leave your email address on the sign-up page and click, “get started,” to enter. That’s it! No purchase is required! Go enter because I know you want $250 to Target.

Happy Sunday, everyone!